American Music Night

In addition to our regular concert booking, Grass Root Ties offers American Music Nights together with many of the best bluegrass, country, blues, cajun and other American music style bands based in Germany, many of them with members from the United States. This “mini-“ American music festival can be arranged for a wide variety of venues ranging from clubs, smaller to larger halls, cultural centers, or also as a summer open air event such as country, bluegrass, folk, city and cultural festivals for associations, city cultural councils or private promoters. It is a performance full of variety taking the listener on a journey though the many styles of handmade American music played authentically at a technically high level. The music is good for listening, but also to clap your hands or to get up and dance. 

Promoters please contact us if you are interested in booking an American Music Night. We will do our best to fit your budget, and the space that you have to work with. Our fees depend on the total number of artists booked and the travel costs, i.e. ranging from “Grass Root Ties” (quartet or quintet) plus 1 to 2 further groups. We find the bands best suited for your needs, take over all communications with them until the night of the show, and make sure publicity material is delivered on time. Promoters must do the local publicity, but we publicize the event on our website and in our newsletter, as well as on country, bluegrass and folk music as well as culture portals in the Internet. On the evening of the event, we provide the PA and lighting system, and mix all the bands. Please see the small list below of bands that we work together with. Many more bands are available upon request. We ask that you make any inquiries about the bands offered for American Music Nights exclusively through us. We would be happy to send you a complete offer at any time. Please note that “Grass Root Ties” (Stowe & Morriss GbR) is not the employer of any of the other music groups booked. All artists are responsible for any work permits or taxes that apply to their performance. 

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Please note, the following are some examples of bands that are available for an American Music Night.

Many more, also in other styles, are available upon request, and according to availability:

“Daniel T. Coates & Band“: The excellent country rock band of singer, songwriter and guitarist Daniel T. Coates from Pennsylvania, USA. Winner of the “Band of the Year 2012“ prize at the 2nd annual German Country Music Awards 2012. website: 

“Space Cowboys”: Very professional and entertaining country band fronted by Munich’s technically perfect guitarist and singer Ingo Sandhofen. Various line-ups available. website: 

“Ruediger Helbig & Huckleberry 5“: One of Germany’s finest bluegrass and acoustic country bands led by Germany’s premiere 5-string banjo player Ruediger Helbig.

-“Sacred Sounds of Grass“: One of Germany’s 1st bluegrass bands with “Grass Root Ties” banjo player Thilo Hain and his brother Sam. Their specialty gospel sung authentically with much emotion. Weblink: 
Sacred Sounds of Grass

Many further bands in many other American music styles such as blues, cajun, zydeco and rock & roll are available upon request.

PA system and lighting for American Music Nights can be provided for 20 to 500 listeners. For larger events, larger PA systems, lighting and stages can be rented. Playing acoustic without a PA is also possible and welcome if the venue and audiences allow.